Monday, 15 October 2012

Autumnal Excuses: TM Lewin's New Casual Autumn Collection

Recruiting, organising Christmas late night shopping initiatives,visiting the Daily Mail offices in London, meeting Shelly Vella of Cosmopolitan Magazine, having a sneak peak of the J Brand SS13 women's denim collection, and organising and running a fashion show for a ladies' lunch are just SOME of the things I've done this week. So, it was nice to get out of my usual gear and slip on a shirt so comfortable, it should be Pajamas.

TM Lewin know their tailoring, the brand have been established since 1898 and is no stranger to their fabulous fit, quality and price. However, we are all a stranger to their new casual line for AW12. Allow me to introduce you to a new concept in Autumnal amazingness. 

The lookbook (pictures above and below) would have you believe that the new casual range by TM Lewin is for the cosmopolitan gentleman, he of the geek-chic look, he who sips cappuccinos with charming nonchalance but he who wears cardigans oh so candidly. Well, whilst that may be true, the range is actually pretty much for any bloke looking for casual shirts that work for daytime, weekend, comfort and style.

I was lucky enough to receive a little package from TM Lewin, featuring one of their nice new shirts. I have to admit, I thought I might be a little to young (read: hip 'n trendy) for this look BUT, I was wrong. Either I'm an old fuddy-duddy or this shirt works for anyone!

As this look is perfect for woodland walks, I styled it with a pair of welly boots, which aren't mine and which only went as far as the Maintenance shed in the communal garden before I got chilly and went back inside to blog with a brew...

It's all in the detail, nice full cuffs with a different coloured lining.

Nice back pleat, don't ya think? ;o)