Saturday, 22 September 2012

TK Maxx for AW12

It's getting chilly, it's getting dark early and I've stocked up on a fortune's worth of Berocca. Yes, it's Autumn/Winter my lovelies! It is, truly, my favourite time of year. Living in the North West of England in not-so-sunny Manchester means that Summer is, pretty much, a write off. However, we can always count on Manchester to provide a blissfully cold and crisp Autumn.

But who can we count on to provide the clobber?

Look no further than your local TK Maxx. Now, I'm a relatively recent convert to the ways of TK. There is a rather fabulous lady in my mother's social circle, called Jacquie, who swears by TK Maxx and I've never really understood why. Whilst I agreed the CK briefs were reasonable, I didn't think there was much more there.

That all changed when TK Maxx took me for dinner earlier this year. I'm such a fickle blogger. But no, I wasn't bought - I was enlightened! TK Maxx buy direct from designers (or their distribution agencies) and actually buy into the world's biggest and most fabulous labels. The reason they can't broadcast this on their adverts is because the brands they buy make them keep quiet about it. But honestly, they're jam-packed with THIS SEASON'S designer labels! YES, HONESTLY!

Now, I popped down south last week to see what was in-store (literally) for TK Maxx this coming season and sampled some lovely food and drink with the likes of Pearl (totes not her real name) of Fashion Pearls Of Wisdom, Mark of A La Male, Leroy of Diary of a Clothes Horse, Amy of Wolf Whistle, Jen of Jen Little Bird and loads more fabulous peps.

To make it easier for you to shop the rails, here are some of this season's trends and the hot picks from TK Maxx!

English Heritage: Men's

Military: Women's

Modernist: Men's

Folk Law: Women's