Sunday, 9 September 2012

Roll on AW12: Adverts from TK Maxx, M&S and BHS

Loving that AW12 is well and truly on its way. I don't know about you but, despite the random blast of hot sun sweeping the nation this weekend, I'm looking forward to the cold weather. Wrapping up warm, hot chocolate, Christmas markets and GLOVES! (I love gloves).

Anywho, no one is looking forward to AW12 more than retailers, after a horrific summer, punctuated by disappointing bank holidays, Jubilees, Olympic mania and Royal weddings - if they don't make some dosh now, when will they!?

Here are my top favourites of what's on our teleboxes RIGHT now.

TK Maxx Autumn/Winter 2012 TV Ad (UK)

I adore that bloggers get a mention - one of TK Maxx's biggest B2C channels. Shame that TK Maxx can't flaunt the unbelievable brands they have in store (because of buying agreements) because the clothes used in this advert rival the ones you'd see in an advert for any high-end department store. FACT.

Favourite moment: The voice-over man's laugh :D

Marks & Spencer (M&S) - For Every Woman You Are TV Ad (UK)

It's true, we haven't seen a woman like you before. Someone old, someone big, someone black, someone typical. WHO KNEW DIVERSITY WAS SO FABULOUS? Well, we all did but kudos to M&S for doing it without being sickly.

Favourite moment: they fact that the first look is a stunner on every single model.

Debenhams - Life Made Fabulous TV Ad (UK)

I rather like that Debenhams are making their Designers At Debenhams initiative an absolute focal point of their marketing strategy. It is, after all, the best bit about Debenhams! It was Jo Hooper who introduced Designers at Debenhams in the early 1990s and she recently told the Telegraph's Stella Magazine that "people believed it would never catch on. I watched it go from making a couple of million pounds to making a hundred million." READ THE INTERVIEW HERE.

Favourite moment: they almost make you believe that Henry, Julian and Jasper all work in the same room and actually have the time to hand-make their Debenhams line alongside their own designer collections. Lolz.

I can't wait for the next string of fabulousness from our TVs INCLUDING a rather exciting ad from TV newcomer, BHS who is undergoing a re-brand ahead of AW12. Watch this space!