Saturday, 8 September 2012

Manchester Evening News Diary Party 2012

I'm nursing a steady, but certainly not unflattering hangover, as a result of last night's Manchester Evening News Dairy Party. The Diary is the society column and the party was filled with all those who have been mentioned in the inches over the years (and me).

The party was big, the carpet was red, the guests were dressed in everything from bespoke sequin, as worn by Diary editor Dianne Bourne, and jeans and t-shirt, as worn by some unknown casual peeps. The drinks were flowing, as was the chocolate fountain, everyone knew everyone (or pretended they did) and it was nice to let one's hair down after a manic few weeks at work.

You can see all the Schleb pictures from the night on the Manchester Evening News website HERE.

But, here are some snaps you WON'T see anywhere else...

 Lynda with some guy from Britain's Got Talent?

Chris and some news lady?


The after party (kinda)

The END.