Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Fashion Break: Yankee Candles

Ok, let's all have a breather and talk about something unrelated to fashion for a second.

Ermm... ok, erm, how about Yankee Candles? YEY!

So, I love a good candle, right, tee lights, candelabras, pillars, scented, novelty. You name it, I'll burn it. However, upon stepping into the world of fashion and retail, I was introduced to a whole new world of high-end candles and my nostrils have never been so spoilt in all their mediocre lives.

My Boss, par example, favours Jo Malone. She has a house filled with gorgeous glass encased scented candles from the mistress of smelly waxy gorgeousness. A wander around her home is like a sensory journey through time itself. She even burns them at work, which is lovely because my desk is right by hers. However, their less than accessible price tag means that their scent never wafts around my flat through any fault of my own.

I regularly pop by the Jo Malone counters at Harvey Nichols or Selfridges to have a sniff. I even get the odd free hand massage because I'm apparently on their mailing list (some administrative mishap that went very much in my favour). When I pop by the Harvey Nichols AW12 show this Wednesday, the show will inevitably be scented by Jo Malone, Blackberry and Bay may be spritzed onto cards on each chair and perhaps Pomegranate Noir will waft from strategically placed candles throughout the evening. Oh, heaven.

However, as I said, I just can't fathom £38.00 on something you actually and purposefully destroy by fire. So, I have to get my kicks some other way. 

Yankee Candles are like a pompous poor person's extremely extravagant indulgence. If you like scented candles but can't stand the toilet cleaner smells from the IKEA range or the sickly sweet scents from some gift-set candle, Yankee is the way to go.

Don't get me wrong, they're not cheap, this one's all about value and comparison. Case and point: they're comparatively practically Primark prices next to Jo Malone and you get a lot more wax for your dollar. So, a sound investment all round!

Switch on QVC or Bid Up.TV now and they're probably flogging the Christmas Yankee Candle range, they're huge in the US and you can find them in House of Fraser, Hoopers and even Clinton's Cards. Mind you, I drive an hour down the M65 to Colne to get mine at bargain basement prices from Boundary Mill Outlet Store (love a good outlet store) and stock up.

Yes, I drive an hour down the M65 to bulk buy scented candles. I am, truly, that person.

I'm currently burning Fluffy Towels in my living room, the smell reminds me of my mum's fresh laundry on a Sunday afternoon. We have French Vanilla in our guest bathroom, which evidently doubles up as an air freshener when the cat has deposited a little turd in his litter tray! That's price per use value right there! I also have the musky harmonies of Midsummer Night in the ensuite (Adam's choice) for those manly grooming sessions and have a Beach Walk scented Yankee in-car air freshener hanging from my rear-view mirror!

I entreat you to pop by your local stockist and have a sniff. Oh and the trick to picking your favourite scent is to avoid sniffing the candle itself, but sniff the lid because you'll get a better idea of the candle's scent when burned. (Adam told me that. :D)