Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fashion Rambler meets Kate Finnigan

Yesterday was a bit of a whirl-wind. I was firstly up early to write practice essays on Anne Frank (joy of joys). My last ever University exam is on Wednesday, after which I will be well and truly a full-time fashion-person. Oosh. More on that in another post, but for now... Kate Finnigan.

If you caught my belated post yesterday, which announced that I was chairing The Fashion Network's 'An Evening with Kate Finnigan', you'll know what I mean. If not, Kate is the Style Director of Stella Magazine at the Sunday Telegraph and quite the lovely lady, she was in Manchester for a chat with me at Harvey Nichols in Manchester about her life, work and thoughts on fashion. 

You'll find lots and lots about the event on various blogs and sites in the coming days but let me give you a quick break down.

The only picture I have at present... twit-pic courtesy of @IrenaDMusic

Kate grew up in Manchester (Chorlton) and studied English Literature at Sheffield. She then went on to study post-graduate Journalism at City University in London and worked on various teen-mags like J-17 (totes used to read that) where she was the deputy-editor. Finnigan then landed a role at Elle where her attention turned to fashion and from there, Stella and the rest is history....

Kate's role at Stella primarily involves heaps of writing. The title, Style Director implies a lot of styling but that's actually the Fashion Director's job, Kate is more involved with editorial, editing, commissioning etc. 

Kate envisages a place for online and print in the future, using the apt example that those with kindles still like to read books, those with iPads, still buy newspapers. I think I get where Kate is coming from but I believe we'll see an inevitable switch over in the next five-to-ten years and I think some print publications will either switch or die.

Kate is not the snobby fashion editor when it comes to commercial collaborations either. Kate believes platforms like Fashion East, Newgen etc. are what makes London Fashion Week stand out on the international platform and we should embrace designers who are commercially minded.

Interesting facts:

The Telegraph offices are really really really quiet.

Hilary Alexander is exactly as you think she is. (Amazing)

Not everyone at Stella gets to go to the international fashion shows and only a few get to go to London.

Kate once interviewed Britney Spears and she said she was lovely, sweet and extremely sexy in front of the camera.