Monday, 14 May 2012

Fashion Rambler meets Daisy Knights

Daisy Knights is a bit of a crush of mine. No no, not the lady (although, she's beautiful), but her jewellery.

Now, I'm not a jewellery man. I have knobbly fingers, girlie wrists and chest so hairy even Mr T's bling would get lost in it. However, I'd make an exception for Daisy Knights.

Strictly speaking, the Knights jewellery line caters more for girls than it does for boys but that's never stopped me (perhaps it should)

I adore this feather necklace, it would be one of my only-when-on-a-night-out pieces. Don't you think it would glitter perfectly under the mirror ball?

I also love these tie pins. The anchor one is based on one Knights made for her Dad to wear to her wedding. Sniffles.

I got the chance to chat to Knights about her brand, her business and her thoughts on the current whole-sale price of gold, quite the interesting read:

fashion Rambler: You design a menswear range but do you see the line between women's jewellery and men's jewellery blurring?

Daisy Knights: Yes, I do, I think androgynous style will always be in as long as it's done with a chic edge. My jewellery is defiantly more women orientated, but I do have some exciting menswear collaborations in the pipeline.

fR: Would you ever consider a stand-alone bricks-and-mortar retail store?

DK: Never say never, but I don't really see this in my future, I really like boutiques with lots of labels and I think its great being able to put a whole outfit together in one shop rather than just a jewellery shop. I also think a stand alone jewellery shop could be a bit intimidating.

fR: How does your online store participate to your overall business, is it a major avenue to market for your brand?

DK: Yes, it is. Its really great as it showcases the brand and I really enjoy styling it and doing new things for it, all the model photos on the website are taken by me. Its a really great to be able to tell shops what sells really well online and what areas, price point etc.

fR: With the prices of gold at an all-time high, how does Daisy Knights aim to stay accessible?

DK: Tough question! I try to keep my designs light and delicate so there isn't so much to gold plate. Luckily every other jewellery designer is in the same boat so all our prices reflect that.