Friday, 25 May 2012

BANG! Selfridges Manchester Trafford Big Beauty Bang!

Oosh, if you're not sick of hearing about the Olympics by now you're probably sick of hearing about the Jubilee. It's her Majesty's diamond year and an excuse for fashion retailers to cash in on the hype. Whilst I'm no cynic and love a bit of pomp, I have to admit that some of the attempts to celebrate the Jubilee have been a little dull. Does opting for a Union Jack paper carrier bag really count? Does stringing some bunting in the window really show a keen effort? Perhaps it does but nothing I've seen so far can compare to how Selfridges kicked into gear. 

The super centre of super shopping has been celebrating Britain, the Jubilee and the Olympics all in one with their national roll out of the Big Beauty Bang and Big British Bang events. Selfridges Manchester Exchange celebrated their do earlier this month but Manchester Trafford kicked off their bash last night, coinciding with the Trafford Centre Summer of Hope and Glory night - quite the big event.

Walking around the Trafford Centre before heading to Selfridges we (Adam came along) saw so many stores stepping it up; even typically dull Dorothy Perkins forked out for a DJ! 

Still, the main event was at Selfridges and here is what we did...

We had pink lemonade, cupcakes and Champagne handed to us by male models in pink chinos.

Then, I had my eyebrows done at the Blink brow bar. 

Eyebrows freshly threaded, we had photos with Her Majesty Mary Queen of Shops AKA Mary Portas AKA Drag Artist Jonny Woo dressed as Mary AKA Amazing with HRH Prince Charles (well, a look-a-like).

Then, we had a look at sun glasses because Adam hasn't got his for this summer yet!

We then watched a cool Hoola-Hoop performer (As seen on Britain's Got Talent)

We then jealously watched people who had forked out £50.00 or more being treated to a go on the grabber machine to win goodie bags! (Everyone won).

We watched a one-man band (like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins)

We had a great time. As always, Selfridges, you know how to party.