Friday, 13 April 2012

Gaydio Radio's Breakfast Show with Chris Holliday - Listen Again 12/4/12

The long awaited results of THE styling challenge of the year (perhaps), Gaydio's Chris Holliday attempts to become a Stylist to celebrate the inaugural Manchester Fashion Week and conducts my help to make it happen (the phrase the blind leading the blind comes to mind.)

After a morning's worth of tests and general camp giggles I chaperoned Chris' first ever Styling session with (poor) Office Ian as his client at Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square. 

Selfridges at Manchester Pride Parade 2011

(Listen to the podcasts from April 11th here)

Listen to the results of Chris' Styling Challenge:

Thank you to Selfridges for not throwing us out and thanks to Gaydio for making Manchester Fashion Week that bit... gayer.