Friday, 30 March 2012

TK Maxx Gives Up Clothes for Good

The other week I was whisked off down south to that there London town to meet with some blogger-types and chat fashion.

TK Maxx love a good blogger and so I was rather humbled and excited when they contacted me and asked me to join them for Dinner in none other than the Red Room Paramount Restaurant on Oxford Street. Oosh.

The view from the table!

It was like had vomited in central London. All those bloggers that I've read for years were there, including some newbies to add to my Bloglovin' list! It was lovely to FINALLY meet Leroy of Diary of a Clothes Horse after around two years of Twitter giggles. Amy from Wolf Whistle was there too and it was great to meet Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, Becca of Fashion Train and the rest of the motley crew. This was my first ever 'blogger event' and the first time that I've been truly requested to attend a do as a blogger and not a journalist or Champagne guzzler. It's nice to know someone is reading!

Anywho, we were brought together for drinks, dinner and chatter to mark the unveiling of the new TK Maxx charity push, Give Up Clothes For Good. The campaign asks TK Maxx shoppers to clear out their wardrobe of unwanted clothes, fill a bag and send it off to Cancer Research UK so they can sell them in their Charity Shops! Perfect.

Watch this video and see if you spot me and what I gave up for the cause!

ALSO! If you also wish you were Made in Chelsea, lived at Downton Abbey or were just TOWIE trash then watch this video and see some of your favourite shlebs backing the charity drive too!

Watch this space for a bit more on TK Maxx. If, like me, you steer clear of their stores. I've got news for you. We've been missing out! I never new TK was so on the ball, I'll be visiting my local TODAY to see what's what and reporting my findings next week!