Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Amici di Peroni Manchester

It's not everyday you get invited to dinner by a Beer brand is it? Well, it's not everyday Peroni are in Manchester either.

Italian stallion of posh lager brands, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, (now being served at a fashion show near you) hosted a fash-bash at the iconic Manchester Art Gallery the other night. Guest of honour was Gianluca Longo, stylist to the stars and former Style Director for the Evening Standard. Quite the occasion.

This is me and a like-minded PR discussing the significance of STEPS to 1990's British Pop

As is the Italian way, the meal was both spectacular and intimate. Set in the eerie but cool surroundings of the Gallery Exhibition space we ate under a chandelier, whilst Gianluca swapped seats and met the whole crowd.

It was interesting to be able to explain the northern fashion and media industry to Londoners, that barely knew what the M60 was:

Londonder: "So, Manchester Confidential is a blog?"

Mancunian: "No, an online magazine."

Londoner: "So, Do you have Vogue?"

Mancunian: "Yes, Vogue is not exclusive to London."

Confidential's Commercial Director, Helen Ramsbottom, explaining the difference between the Tube and the Metro

Londoner: "Is Salford a horrible place? Everyone says that the BBC is there and it's horrible."

Mancunian: "Define horrible."

Londoner: "How do Manchester-people get their information? How do they know what's going on in art, fashion, culture?"

Mancunian: "How everyone else does."

Londoner: "Where are we in relation to Coronation Street?"

Mancunian: "About an acre from Emmerdale Farm. Where's the beer?"

Perhaps I've embellished but it was nevertheless an interesting dinner with a multi-cultural element both Italian meets British and London meets Manchester!