Thursday, 9 February 2012

'professional' Blogger

Allow me to put the name of my blog to the test. Allow me to ramble.

Of late I've been the recipient of a few different emails from fashion bloggers from around the world looking to work with retail companies that I represent in various capacities.

Each one of the has left me wondering about the state of the Bloggersphere.

I feel Blogging has lots its mojo and too many blogs are springing up with very little to say except that they want free clothes!

My disheartened revaluation began with the announcement that Company Magazine were launching their Style Blogger Awards. Of the tonnes of nominees some really successful and exciting blogs were listed. However, so were some blogs that had not been updated since 2010. No one at Company had checked to see if their nominees were even still blogging. What's the point of the award?

So. Back to the emails. Am I old fashioned when I believe the email should stick to the formalities of hand written letters? Since when did 'lots of kisses' become an appropriate sign-off for an email between two supposedly professional organisations that had not previously been acquainted.

Do these girls (and I am allowed my generalisation as I have yet to receive an email from a male fashion blogger) know that asking, quite blatantly, for 'freebies', is actually against the law? Is that all they're interested in?

It seems 2012 has delivered a cross-roads and some Bloggers want to (and expect they can) take both routes. The first route leads to them and their craft being considered 'the future of fashion journalism' and a legitimate form of editorial expression. The second is their wish to remain every inch as far from the professional sphere as they can and instead create a celebrity out of themselves and get a free seasonal wardrobe. Do they think that's how this business works?

I personally DO NOT believe that Bloggers are the future. (Oh no he dint!) Instead I think blogging, as a media, is the future. 

Fast, reactive, opinionated, exciting, multi-media based and viral. That's the exciting thing about blogging, not the Bloggers. Bloggers will have their super-star status for five minutes and they'll drop it for that Fashion Assistant role at a magazine or they'll grow irrelevant and boring and their devotional readers will stop clicking. The ones that will survive the fad are those that actually have something to say. The girls and boys that actually have an opinion on fashion that stretches beyond what they wore today.

Blogs are exciting for personal and professional use (yep, I love brands with Blogs too!) but those tip-tap-typing on their mac in Starbucks need to remember, it's not necessarily all about them but about what they have to bring to the table.