Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Fashion Network's Future Generation Series - Making It in Etail

Howdy internet peoples, I'm back online! I tell you, I had no idea I was so dependent on the internet for my pure existence. But, I am! I'd used all my stupid Data on my stupid Dongle and then used the data on Adam's phone and was running low on my own phone when I was switched back on this morning by the horrible people at Three Mobile Internet.

Anyway, less of that, more of this:

I'm playing Chair-person at one of The Fashion Network's Future Generation events.

If you're a fashion student/enthusiast that is looking to make it in the world of etail (that's retail, online), come along on the 18th of April at 7:00pm to TFN's Making It In Etail Event!

On the panel will be yours truly,'s Catherine Turner,'s Anjeli Patel and Umbro's Aaron Lavery!

Reserve tickets here!