Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tee Time! Feat. T-Post, origin68, UNCONDITIONAL, Lulu & Co. and Tim & Sue

Nearly time for T-Shirt weather, thought I would celebrate with a little post about the latest additions to my T-Shirt collection. They're all rather exciting.

First up was a fab Christmas present from Jo Davies, MD and Founder of Black White Denim. Isn't she lovely? This amazing vest is from Lulu & Co, a brand I'm very excited to now own! 

Lulu Kennedy is the fairy-god mother of fashion and is the tireless force behind the British designer spring board, Fashion East. Lulu was awarded with an MBE this year in the Queen's New Year's Honours List and she very much deserves it! 

Lulu & Co. was a brand set up to mark Fashion East's 10th birthday and features pieces from the archives of the Fashion East catalogue. This design is by artistic duo Tim & Sue and is a revamp of their original 1996 'Forever', an iconic theme that the twosome have returned to throughout their career.

Forever Vest, Tim & Sue for Lulu & Co., £99.00,

Next up is a really cool T from Sweden. T-Post is a very different kind of magazine, the editorial is printed on the tee! Subscribe for a year and receive a tee every month. The magazine's feature article of the month is printed on the inside and a graphical/photographic interpretation of the article then becomes your T-Shirt's design. 

This month's article (well, November's... must have taken a while to post from Sweden?) was about the recent discovery at the European Southern Observatory of super-earths; planets near identical to ours but in other galaxies. 


It was left to Mauro Gatto, the Italian illustrator and designer (and toy maker! see his toy brand Very Bravo here) to create a complimentary graphic. His playful and colourful alien graphic brings the humour of T-Post to life and represents the excitement surrounding super-earths well!

The tee is inside-out...
Next is a tee you've seen before (don't go calling me predicable) from Manchester based brand origin68. A pair of Tee enthusiasts (like me, apparently) make Tees to suit their own obsession and this is one that stuck out for me. I featured it on my recent radio appearance (can you call it an appearance if it's radio..?) because I thought it was cool!
It's made from 100% organic cotton and is carbon neutral because it was manufactured only using wind and solar energy! 

Lastly is this hot number from UNCONDITIONAL. The British brand, headed up by Philip Stevens, arrived in the North last year and I got the chance to interview the designer just before his launch night! (Read my interview with Philip Stevens here)

This vest was in a goody bag from that very night and I only discovered it THIS WEEK under a desk at The Fashion Network. Fail.