Sunday, 15 January 2012

Remembering Christmas

Since the weather has taken a dramatic turn towards I've been missing my Christmas tree. This Christmas just gone was a special one for me because It was absolutely exhausted through work and just needed that week to chill. (not literally, I like my central heating, brrr)

Here are some of the lovely jubbly gifts that I got from the people in my life.


Adam got me this gorgeous book, along with some other fab pressies. It's one of the amazing coffee table books that you start reading and don't put down! Needless to say, I've yet to find time to pick it up but I'll keep you informed!
The in laws bought me this. My latest guilty pleasure. An old BBC Costume Drama feat. two prim and proper 1920s ladies who open their own fashion house! WAH! I love it, much recommended for those seeking escapist easy watching and flapper skirts!

Among other much appreciated gifts I nabbed myself a copy of Colin McDowell's Directory of 20th Century Fashion. The lady at dispatch from wherever my Mum bought it from wrote a little note on the delivery invoice saying: 'I couldn't help but notice the name, McDowell for McDowell. Enjoy!' - how sweet?

Mum and Dad also got me new number plates for my car with on them! haha!

As the weather plods along its dismal way, remember those warmer times over Christmas :o)