Tuesday, 13 December 2011

VOGUE's Online Fashion Week, The Report

So. I don't think anyone was more excited for Online Fashion Week than I. Perhaps someone, but I've not met them yet.

You're waiting for a 'but' aren't you. I don't want to give one. But (damn it) it wasn't quite everything I had hoped.

There's me, pre-OFW, hoping that the independent stores I care so much about (play violins) were finally going to get the platform they needed to compete with the super-giants. It doesn't seem to have been quite the case.

Although OFW was magical, insane, exhausting, not to mention a headache for vogue.co.uk's editor, Dolly Jones and her team... I was left a little deflated after the twentieth post for Harvey Nichols (I exaggerate) (I also love Harvey Nichols) (call me complex).

I had the pleasure of chatting about this confusing debate with the ladies behind some of the independents that participated (or tried to participate) in Online Fashion Week. I also got the chance to chat to Dolly Jones and you can read the whole report here.

To draw a conclusion from the report you're about to read (I can smell your curiosity) I think that perhaps 2012 should see a more proactive use of the @BritishVogue twitter portal, where tweets from those retailers not being showcased on the vogue.co.uk blog are prioritised over those tweets from retailers already basking in the glow of a heap of traffic from the OFW Live Blog. 

Perhaps, also, retailers can be forewarned as to their rejection from the Live Blog so that their own means of promotion can be geared around informing shoppers of specific discount codes etc. that would/should have been broadcast on the OFW Live Blog.
What do you think?


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  1. A well-rounded and thorough piece; kudos for sticking up to Vogue! X