Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fashion Rambler meets Monica Vinader

A while back now I was asked to pop to the Moet bar in Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square to meet a very important lady. This lady was Monica Vinader, of the jewellery brand that takes her name.

The Rio in Sterling Silver, from £100.00, buy here.

Monica Vinader started in 2002 as a bespoke jewellery brand whilst Vinader was working in South America with her husband. However, once the world got a peak at Vinader's stones, demand exploded and just 9 years on we're sat in Manchester discussing the launch of Monica's first two out-of-London UK stores. Monica has four of her own boutiques worldwide, sells in Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty's, on her own site and online with net-a-porter et al.

My Rio Bracelet. 
I chose Black because, in the world of Monica Vinader, it represents Energy,
(something I need lots of!)

Quietly impressed with the UK's second city (yes you heard, bog off Birmingham), the brand has opened not one but two concessions in the city's two Selfridges stores. Leading the way with signature friendship-style bracelets the brand is known for their Fiji and Rio unisex ranges. That's how I know the brand.

However, when I asked about Monica's 'menswear line' for 2012 I was shocked to hear (rarely heard) honesty: "Do you know, I don't think I do a menswear collection yet". 

PR, Tyler stopped breathing and I pushed my dictaphone closer. "What?"

"No not yet, I think the Fiji and Rio are very unisex but I don't think I've had a proper go at menswear". 

Monica Vinader

It isn't often we see a business owner being self-critical on the record but I have to say that I agree. Although I adore the Fiji and Rio bracelets, the look, the idea. I don't think they, alone, constitute a menswear line. Not to say I think Monica Vinader needs anything else to please the menfolk, the Fiji and Rio do that quite well as it is. But, like Monica, I agree that if you're going to call it a menswear collection it needs to be a collection.

The Fiji (with gems), from £85.00, buy here.

Our conversation bounced between Indian sourcing, ecommerce, social media and Hugo from Made In Chelsea (a fan of the brand) and throughout Monica proved every bit the professional but keen for a giggle.

You can see the rest of the interview with Monica on The Fashion Network here


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