Friday, 11 November 2011

BAGGED: A post of recent purchases

So. I've got a few bits and bobs to show you. I've been waiting to show you them for a while, so some are worn and a little grubby. But hey. This isn't VOGUE, this is a blog!

NIKE High Tops, ASOS, £can't remember...

LOVE these Sky Force NIKE hi-tops that I nabbed in the ASOS Sale! they're a little small but I don't care because I feel like I'm in Saved By The Bell :D

This is a very special addition to my wardrobe as it is from Black White Denim and is a new Classic Cambridge Satch from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I absolutely love this. After stealing my Bosses over London Fashion Week I thought it was about time to get my own.

As seen on my VOGUE/DirectorsOf.Com Best Dressed Nomination this is a nicey from Gola and is a collaboration with Tado.

Messenger Bag, GOLA, £30.00

These were a spontaneous purchase from TOPMAN in the sale. 100% Leather and 100% Winter.

Boots, TOPMAN, £25.00 WAS £80.00

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the VOGUE/DirectorsOf.Com Best Dressed Nomination. Results in December, I'll keep you informed!


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  1. Trainers usually get my goat but these are pretty sexy. Nice one on the boots, too - incredible reduction!

    Well done again on the nomination, fingers crossed!