Saturday, 8 October 2011

Southern 11's Shake 'n Make Cocktails!

When Yorkshire man James Hitchen felt like opening a kitchen, Southern 11 was born. Finding his foodie niche, Hitchen traveled to the deep south of American to learn how to make authentic American soul BBQ food before bringing his interpretation to Manchester. First spotted in Manchester Arndale's Food Hall Southern11 was a fast-food counter dipping its metaphorical toe into the restaurant business. It was a success and soon Hitchen's real dream was reality, a high end yet comfortable food house in Manchester's Spinningfields. 

Situated on Hardman Street alongside PureGym Hitchen's new restaurant has won critical acclaim from many including Manchester Confidential who reported: "Serving up quality food, with attention to detail at exactly the right price, Southern 11 has been warmly busy on every visit and I'm not surprised."

Only, I'm not exactly about food here at Fashion Rambler and so I was asked to sample something all together different. The cocktail menu. Southern11's Shake 'n Make cocktail menu invites you to choose your flavour and make it yourself. Quite lazy on the barman's side but actually rather fun!

I'd love to tell you when we ordered but I neglected to note it down and after the toxicity of the beverages I'm surprised I remembered anything at all.

My platter can with a frosted martini glass, shaker filled with ice and five shot glasses. In the shot glasses were: Violet Liquor, Violet Syrup, Vodka Cranberry, Lemon and Chambord. 

Adam's included Bacardi Gold, Chambord, Cranberry Juice, Strawberry Puree, Lime and Sugar Syrup. Once you've got your platter you pour in your ingredients...

...then you shake!

Now that you've worked up a thirst, pour and decorate. 

Mine with (apparently) edible flowers and Adam's with summer fruits (that sank).

All for £5.95 each. Bargain we say *hick-ups*


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