Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pal Zileri Brunch at Harvey Nichols Manchester

A while ago now I was invited to Brunch with the team from Pal Zileri at Harvey Nichols in Manchester. What did I know about Pal Zileri? Nothing. All I new was that I couldn't afford it. So. Just before I decide to go I think, 'Oh go on, dress up, it's Harvey's' and swap my Cheap Monday's Tee for a TM Lewin Shirt and Tiffany and Co. Cufflinks. Thank Christ I did, everyone around the table was in a suit costing £1,500 or more. I gulped my latte and played with my collar.


Need I be worried? No. The team from Pal Zileri were amazing. Bruno, Chief Tailor, was a  masterpiece. He has worked on his craft since he was 14 and is responsible for a staff of 1000 members in Italy that create the timeless suits the brand has become known for. The brand pretty much hires an entire village of Italians.

We ate bacon, talked Politics and Manchester City FC and I even got complimented by the notorious Mark Garner/Gordo from Confidential Publishing: 'Italian suits look better on someone like my colleague here' *points to me as I sneeze orange juice*

Still, the brand isn't all £2,500 suits and old blokes talking EU - they have a new diffusion, LAB by Pail Zilieri. Gotta love a good diffusion.

LAB by Pal Zilieri is a little younger, a little slimmer, a little shinier and a little right up my street. Lapels are tighter, waists are smaller, styling is more casual and palettes are a little more experimental. Bruno and General Manager Phillip dragged me to the Pal Zilieri Concession in Harvey's to make me try on a jacket. 'OK', I said, thinking 'I don't think I even like Pal Zilieri'. Phillip took one glance and picked out a jacket that fit like a a £2,500 suit should fit. Only, it was £500. 'Bargain' I heard myself say before my bank balance smacked me in the gut. 

Pal Zilieri has me sold. Well, once I can pay off that electric bill.


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