Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fashion Rambler calls Jeff Banks

This time last week I was off to London Fashion Week for my first time at the capital's fashion catwalks. (see my LFW diary here)

En route, I was still playing journo. I had a slot to phone the one and only Jeff Banks for an interview. A phone call that would continually be cut off because of tunnels but one that unearthed some surprising results.

Allow me to elaborate.

Fashion Rambler: What are you doing in Manchester?

Jeff Banks: I'm at the People's Catwalk at Manchester Trafford Centre and launching the new Debenhams refit.

fR: You've always been a keen supporter of young British design talent, setting up and sitting on the board of Graduate Fashion Week. Where do you stand on idea that today's bloggers are tomorrow's journalists and fashion forecasters?

I got cut off. Ring back, repeat.

JB: Actually, I think bloggers have become too egotistical and are not journalistic at all. Bloggers are not affecting trends or new design, it all tends to be very personal. If you ask me will blogs take over, I'd say no.

fR: I was not expecting that, but I do see where you're coming from.

JB: What?

fR: Never mind, How do you envisage the future for small independent stores with big shopping centres like Manchester Trafford Centre opening and demanding too-high rents?

JB: I think it is actually a big opportunity. Big centres open up and give young designers the opportunity to get cheap rents in town. If they've got good product, there will be a resurgence.

Got cut off. Text PR with next question.

fR: What are your thoughts on the BIBA reincarnation? (a contemporary of Banks)

JB: If anyone should reincarnate BIBA is should have been Barbara Hulanicki.


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