Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Beyonce's House of Dereon UK launch, in pictures.

Why bore you with another blog on the latest range by Beyonce when you're up to your eyes in Beyonce by now. 

Yes, she's brought House of Dereon to the UK, yes it's African inspired, yes it will fly off the Selfridges shelves despite being rather dull. We know that. Now. The launch was a whole different ball game. Brand Beyonce on speed. We heard her music, were attacked with her perfume, walked though a hologram of her face, danced to her videos and then saw her in the flesh for about 10.5 minutes in total. (no words said).

Here is a pictorial documentary of my experience, courtesy of the lovely Lynda Moyo's camera:

Arrive at Selfridges London carpark (I know) They did it up nicely though, more digital screens than a football match and a white washed roof.

See the show.

Meet Mr H!!!

Looking rather grumpy/confused. Lynda looks hawt.


icky champers on the tinted-window-coach-to-after-party that played Beyonce's latest album.... all the way...

After parties (where no one knows your name, or cares, and the booze is free)

At this point she thought she was Beyonce.

One of the Brummies, A Greek.... (regional press from Birmingham)

Us and another.... probably not Greek.

 Stoopid underground stopped the trains...

And then I went back to Hoxton, climbed into bed and slept. The next day I woke for an early start with the boss and hit LFW. A day in the life of a Fashion Boy.



  1. Hi! Look like you had lots of fun! xxx

  2. Considering the magnitude of evidence that I drank quite a bit, I'd say it was a rather enjoyable evening. :)

  3. Can I have your life?

  4. "At this point she thought she was Beyonce." No Jordan, I am Sasha Fierce.

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