Monday, 8 August 2011

Rockola Undies go Military

Remember my post on Luis and Juke? Yeah, where I got all naked. Well, the people (Rockola) behind that brand, have another too... Oiler and Boiler

Quite the newbie on the block Oiler and Boiler have caught my attention because I've been longing for nostalgia, for a time before time (well, the 80s). I recently bought a few 80s DVDs (Footloose, TopGun)  in the Blockbuster sale and was seen around Manchester and Cheshire today sporting a retro tape player whilst learning French for my impending Paris trip. Anywho, Oiler & Boiler have an antique feel. I'm into that right now.

These undies are called Navy and are modeled after that TopGun feel 'The U.S. Wants You' era. Think Saved By The Bell signs up. Not quite 80s but still "vintage" enough for me. 

Dog-tags, Dad's from the Army.
Undies, Oiler & Boiler, Rockola
Shorts, Levis, COW Manchester

 Tan lines much?


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