Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fashion Rambler meets Roland Mouret

So. I'd barely slept since my insane holiday to Gran Canaria with boozy friends (pictures coming soon if you're good) and I was already back on form.

Roland Mouret, the french man that makes all women weak at the knees and the purse strings, was launching his latest collection at Selfridges Manchester Exchange. I got the chance to ask him a few questions whilst resisting his annoyingly sexy accent.

You can see my interview with him here, but I saved the more important questions for Fashion Rambler readers (as per).

Shirt, customised from Jaeger
Trousers, my trusty TOPMAN Ltd.

Fashion Rambler: You do Bloke's clothes too. Love it?

Roland Mouret: Menswear is great, it’s fun and different. I hope that my male customers are the partner of my female customers.

(So the gay only designs for Heteros?)

FR: You told the Guardian that we all dress up to undress. Is this how you dress?

RM: Yes. Less now because I’m a bit older. I think we all dress to undress, to find our long term partner, to be a bit sexy and it is really important. It’s the way we are and we shouldn’t avoid it but we shouldn’t put it in people’s faces like ‘I wanna shag’.

FR: Favourite Spice Girls song? (not so odd, he's BFFs with Victoria Beckham/probably does her designs for her)

RM: No, I don’t have one. I hated the Spice Girls.

FR: Does Victoria know?

RM: She does, it makes her laugh because we are really good friends now. I hated that they were everywhere, in your face. It was what it was and it was the 1990s. But no, I wasn’t a fan.

It was then time for the fashion show which was my cue to exit to get to my dinner at Harvey Nichols (and you thought I'd dressed up for him?). To celebrating their being chosen as Manchester Cathedral's main grub provider, Harvey's threw a dinner party for the Manchester set. Any excuse.