Sunday, 3 July 2011

Collective + Bob Carlos Clarke Launch at 202 Westbourne Grove

Went to a bit of a do the other day at 202 in Notting Hill. Yes the Manc went southward for free booze, desperate times...

So, what was being launched? Collective make organic Tees and Bob Carlos Clarke used to make amazing images. Bob's dead. But, his pieces are owned by The Little Black Gallery and Clarke's Mrs and Tamara Beckwith (oddly) have let Collective print his prints on their Tees for girls and boys. Few, we got there.

I love this one. Her bum is beautiful.

Here are some flicks of the night....

Karla and I found a little bar where we drank coffee in the sunshine before the do. We also inevitably took photographs. We had visited the Museum of Brands which is AMAZING if you're a media boffin like us.

Some pretty lady... and her mother, who is also pretty.

Amber, the PR.

We met Mark Cullum of A La Male. He's lovely... and gets the Central Line.

We also took numerous photos.


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