Saturday, 7 May 2011

Joe Corre's: A Child of the Jago

I went to a bit of a do the other night and guess who I bumped into. Vivienne Westwood's son and founder of Agent Provocateur, Joe Corre. Corre was at Hervia Bazaar (the boutique his company Hervia owns in Manchester) with business partner Simon Armitage (not the poet) who works with Corre on the London brand A Child of the Jago.

HAHA. Can you see me laughing my head off in this snap?

If you haven't heard of the brand before you may, at first glance, perceive it as a slight Westwood rip off with not much to say. How wrong you are my child, Jago has a lot to say. 

Inspired by the novel of the same name by Arthur Morrisson the brand looks to fight against consumerism-gone-nuts and tries to minimise it's contribution to manufacturing and pollution. By using fabrics that have already been made and that are the left-overs of less conscious fashion, Jago can recycle and run a business without harming the environment.

The flagship is based in the East End of London and is also stocked in Hervia Bazaar in Manchester's Spring Gardens.

The Spring Summer collection was an eclectic mix of bizarre concoctions, I had to ask exactly what the inspiration was. Armitage told me that the pair don't watch TV (No, he doesn't know what X Factor is) and that as a mode of entertainment they wrote a play (as you do). The play was based on the banking crisis and featured a plethora of diverse characters all of whom needed costumes. You got it, the S/S'11 collection is the costume rail for the Jago's political satire.


The 'Beggin' Jacket, worn by a Banker who has nothing left to sell but empty money bags.

based on an antique Railway man's jackets, the 'Harry' was worn by Harry the Hackney Cabbie

The 'Leopard' Shirt was worn by a certain man-about-the-public-toilets....

A brand with a message and with an interesting take on theatrics...


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