Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fashion Rambler meet Heidi Gosman

After a delay of volcanic proportions Heidi Gosman of Heidi Klein touched down at Manchester's Harvey Nichols to chat to me about her latest venture. Menswear.

The London shopkeeper boasts two swim and holiday-wear boutiques in Westbourne Grove and Chelsea. After a significant impact online with both their own buy label other brands stocked Gosman and her business partner at going global. Stores are planned for Miami, New York and Montenegro whilst pop-ups are being tested in Manchester's Harvey Nichols ahead of possible national expansion.

Another feather in Gosman's cap will soon be that of menswear designer, adding menswear to the online store.

I had to test her skills out...

Fashion Rambler: Speedos, Boxer Briefs or Shorts?

Heidi Gosman: Never Speedos! It's the shorts. I think men need more choice, as I think menswear is where womenswear was ten years ago and men are becoming more savvy and going on holiday more.

FR: European influence I think, Italian men get swimwear.

HG: Yes! The women on the continent change bikinis all day!

FR: Flip-flops or sandals?

HG: Flip-flops, but nice ones. You can get nice sandals sometimes but flip-flops are great.]

FR: Foot care for men?

HG: They have to do it. I was in St. Tropez last week and this really nice looking young boy was just getting off one of the yachts. He walked past and his feet were.... well, the illusion had just gone!

FR: Parasol or Windbreaker?


FR: Parasol of Windbreaker?

I think a windbreaker can look quite nice and retro... with a deckchair (we use them a lot in our windows)

FR: Quite Victorian... Beer or Cocktail?

HG: Cocktail.

And she was doing so well.

My favourite picks for the current offer?

 Vilerequin Shorts £110.00, buy here

Vilebrequin Vintage Shorts, £80.00, buy here

You can see the full interview with Heidi here.


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