Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Holiday Packing.

Well, I'm off to the south for some sun and home cooking. Wanna see inside my bag? Of course you do!

TM Lewin slim fit pale blue Shirt
ZARA Salmon Chinos
Tiffany Silver Cufflinks

Easter Sunday dinner with my family and the in laws.

TOPMAN Scoop neck tee
TOPMAN Micro Shorts
Kuychi bracelet
HandM Belt

Friday is for chilling.

Calvin Klein Shirt
TOPMAN Trousers

Dinner with friends on Saturday night


BBQ on Monday evening

Jack and Jones Jumper to pair with the above in case of cold.
Gifted to me whilst at Stitch Menswear

And everything is packed away in here, a sports bag gifted to me by the lovely people at Gola. You can see my recommendation for this bag in VIVA Magazine Winter/Spring Issue.

Happy Easter Holidays



  1. Have a fabulous trip and post pictures of you in the sunshine

  2. This is so cute and majorly organised.
    You are the cutest