Monday, 7 March 2011

T.M. Lewin Manchester Spinningfields store launch

T.M.Lewin opened their 99th UK store in Manchester's business quarter last week and I got the chance to pop by for a glass of bubbly and a shirt! More on that later, firstly a tour. For a small store the stock on offer is fantastic. Shirts line every wall with suiting taking up the far corner and ladieswear the entrance. The store reminded me of Harry Potter, you know where Potter goes to buy a wand and their all stacked up around the store. Like a treasure trove of Cotton and Cuff-link excellence.

I'm a bit of a fan of the tie. I love how ridiculous they are, so unnecessary and pompous. I love how they have rules and regulations, their the metaphor of menswear in general. A strict rule making regime that needs careful consideration and time. Still, these ties are those proper suit ties and their so wide at the bottom I look like a clown when I where them. I'll stick to the skinny ones methinks.

Got this great video on the T.M.Lewin community site, a site all about workwear and how to wear it. Pretty nifty.

Two lovely staff members who wanted a snap!

 Well done T.M.Lewin, welcome to Spinningfields.


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