Sunday, 20 March 2011


I'm sure you've heard. Mr Porter, the sister site (or, rather daddy site) to Net-A-Porter has launched to give gentleman a fashion destination for luxury designer wear. After My-Wardrobe launched their menswear site, alongside womenswear on, AGES ago it was only a matter of time before Net did the same. 

One interesting distinction between Porter and My-Wardrobe is that Mr Porter resides on a totally different site to the ladieswear division and thus sets itself up as a standalone entity. Probably a good idea since the average heterosexual gentleman (yes, generalisations are go) likes to have this fashion served without a splash of femme.

So, what is Mr Porter like? Fashion Rambler went for a click. 

Firstly: it's smart. clean, not overtly fashiony and more of a hub of gently etiquette/style than a high-end etailer. In a sentence - This site won't scare (rich, professional) blokes off.

Speaking of the site not being in-yo-face-fashion, the site includes many other reasons to browse (oh no, not lady-style browsing like ladies but rather a manly browse *grunts*). 

The Journal and Style Directory acts how the Blog does for ASOS and Get Inspiration does for My-Wardrobe. Men will be inadvertently be browsing (yes, like ladies) on Mr Porter for hours reading about how they can get Jonny Depp's style on Style Icons or how he might bed Ms Lara Stone on How To Please Her. This Menswear etailer isn't doing anything different to its womenswear counterpart, it is just making its male clientele comfortable in their exceedingly camp undoubtedly lady-like fashion buying slippers. I bloody love it.

Coming soon, my favourite pieces from Mr Porter's closet.



  1. I know this might not be PC but it has surprised me that no one has cultivated and targeted the gay market with their high spend ?

  2. Another reason why I'll be in debt! haha