Friday, 28 January 2011

Maje Spring/Summer'11

I was at a ladies wear Spring/Summer trends showcase the other morning and, whilst inhaling my Brioche and Cappuccino, was introduced to the North West’s latest French infiltration.

Maje is a French fashion label that has been propelled to popularity in our fair old Brity since that chick from Harry Potter sported a lacey top on VOGUE’s cover. Some PR got a raise ‘eh?

So, the label have opened a stand-alone in London and also are available in London’s Selfridges on Oxford Road but I was introduced to the Maje collections in the only other UK outlet in Selfridges Manchester Trafford. The brand occupies a significant percentage of the ladies wear concessions department and stands alongside fellow French import Sandro, whose elbow pads got me and Katie from Stylist magazine all just a little bit too excited. I must remember to buy a sewing machine and subsequently take over the world with hot elbow pads.

Anywho, Maje has had it so good in the UK that their French HQ are setting up shop in the UK to closely analysis their slow invasion of the UK premium fashion sector. I quizzed, just about whoever would listen including a rather petrified Sales Advisor, whether Maje would be adding a North Western division to its UK operations. No one was sure. 

I wonder, will Maje aim to navigate the NW from London without popping up to say hello OR will the French brand realise the benefits of regional brand investment and make the leap to a North Western arm?

Only time will tell, in the meantime have a gander at these pretty pictures – gotta have a bit of ladies stuff on ‘ere I s’pose.


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