Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Clothes Show Live 2010

I went to the Clothes Show Live this weekend with Sara Wilson and got this Sweater.

You can get one from A Non, here

It was a tiring day of walking around stalls, some inspirational, most pretty usual. We loved the Fashion Theatre Show though (despite Gok Wan's appearance) and thought the styling was fantastic. 

The theme was 'A Night At The Movies' and saw dance interpretations of major filmic genres before a catwalk show styled to coincide. For the Bond scene, Die Another Day by Madonna blasted out as Military themed models strutted out in Deerstalkers and Aviator boots.

To be truthful, the whole event was like OK! Magazine vomited all over the NEC. The Celebrity culture mass-produced media machine worked the concept of the Clothes Show, it is what gives it its pulling power. People buy tickets to buy into the 'world of fashion, celebrity and show business'. It is interesting to see in action and amazing to see when it is making real money for retailers. I think it is also interesting that many 'fashion-insiders' turn their noses up at the Clothes Show because it is 'just a shopping event', an event for the consumer and not the hardened fashion critic. But, the love and glamour of the fashion industry that makes the fashion savvy blogger buy their copy of POP Magazine is not that different to the same buzz a 13 year old girl gets from buying her CSL Ticket, a ticket into a fantasy. Congratulations CSL on a brilliant show.


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