Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New York, New York

So. I'm off to New York City on Friday (very exciting). Off for shops, culture, shops, SexAndTheCity tours and more shops. I've never been to the city before and am so looking forward to experiencing it for myself and to be able to say, "well, when I was in New York..". Not so keen on the bed-bug scenario...I have bug-spray.

The map that forms the centre of the New York Issue and the plans for our trip!

I've been studying the Stylist Magazine: New York Issue from back in May, it has been like a Bible, to meticulously plan every milisecond of my visit (much to the worry of the two poor souls accompanying me). It was great because it informed me of places I didn't think existed, like Justin Timberlake's (not-at-all-hurtful-on-the-wallet) restaurant in the Upper East Side or the Boat House Restaurant in Central Park where Carrie and Big fell in the pond. (yes there is a distinctive SATC vibe running through this trip, I blame Mother).

Want to see the preliminary itinerary?
I'll post once I'm back. Be good.


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