Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Fairytale of New York, Part II

We were up before the Hot-dog stands on the Saturday and ready to tackle NYC.

We never went into the Subway system, except to ask a nice lady with a huge Afro to change a $5 note and to stare at the turnstiles and gasp: "Oh, so this is a Subway", what tourists! Anywho, we preferred to see the sites of old NY whilst traveling so used a combination of open-top-ultra-touristy-bus and the classic Yellow Cab.

Planning on an NYC excursion? Get a bus ticket! They're hop-on-hop-off (imagine that phrase in a Queen's accent, lush) and you get to see EVERYTHING, plus there is a running commentary from the ace Tour Guides. We trundled on down through Time Square to The Garment District. You know the place, where Fashion Ave. is? The Garment District is called thus because it used to manufacture clothing, now it is home to the designer show-rooms and advertising agencies.

We visited The Empire State and met Kevin Bacon who took us on a helicopter ride around New York. I'm serious. It's called New York Sky Ride, a simulator on the 2nd floor of the Empire State that takes you around the city via air. After regaining balance and supressing the urge to vomit we made our way to Macy's Herald Square flagship. The only place to be at Christmas.

My preconception of Macy's was based on Cole's Department Store in Miracle on 34th Street. I was not disappointed. The store was magnificent and the staff, as usual, were exceptional. I bought a winter woolly jumper from their Menswear Store and we had a Starbucks (one of many) on the mezanine staring at the insanity of the consumer-hype. I was a happy pea.

No this gent isn't me, and that jumper isn't mine either. But, he is a Macy's models and that jumper is a Nautica jumper similar to mine. Pictures tomorrow will confirm this. 
20% off at £39.99 + 10% because we were British! 

After a bit more shopping in the chains around the store we headed uptown on Fifth Avenue for New York Public Library. I know, the literary in me came out here. After passing various fashion shoots on the infamous steps we went inside and were, naturally, searched by security. The library was beautiful. I'll stop there because you're probably yawning. For those of you that appreciate Sex & The City, however, these are the steps that Carrie ran down in film 1.

The rest of the day took us to Grand Central Station (immense) where I resisted the urge (rather successfully) to not scream "Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station, Tonight I'm not taking no calls 'cos I'll be dancing!"

Later that night we hit a gorgeous little Italian near Central Park and after a bit too much Pinot hopped aboard a Horse and Cart for an evening trott with Junior the horse and the driver (whose name escapes me).


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