Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunday Excursions.

Yesterday the boyf and I took a car ride into Cheshire and visited the wildlife at Tatton Park. I remember visiting the park with my Nanna and Grandad as a wee nipper and feeding the Deer at Christmas. The park has many happy memories for me and so Ad and I wanted to start making some more, in our Autumn/Winter looks naturally.

My new hiking boots found under a pile of coats in a vintage shop and a bargain at £10!

Adam gazing whimsically at a herd of Red Deer.
Sweater, gift
Jeans, Lee Cooper
Boots, Timberland

I was definitely better at climbing trees as a kid...

Shirt, Pop Boutique of Manchester
Waxed Gilet, Vintage
Jeans, (I like 'em tight)
Boots, Vintage



  1. This is so sweet - the perfect inspiration for AW.

  2. pretty jealous of the boots find, nice mushroom too