Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Anti-Freshers' Party

I can't believe I didn't blog this! I have been SO incredibly busy that I forgot to treat y'all to a little shindig report!

It was Freshers' Week and we weren't Freshers' anymore so we decided, who needs Freshers' Week when you can have an Anti-Freshers' Week (which is pretty much the same thing but with more expensive drinks and a bit of Harvey Nichols thrown in)?

We hosted a bit of a do at ours and it was a giggle + 1/2.

In keeping with the Anti-Freshers' theme we did away with ASDA's own Party Snack Packs and RolaCola and instead opted for cocktails and a finer menu followed by debauchery and vodka shots. Classy.

Guests were greeted with Jordan & Adam's Welcome Home punch complete with the biggest wedge of Pineapple in the world and an indoor sparkler - since we're not Fresher Babies anymore we can be trusted with pyrotechnics.

Next we served freshly baked (if you don't mind) Ciabatta bread with Extra Virgin (as if) Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dipping oils.

After everyone scoffed those and we got to know the names, or there abouts, of the people we had never met, our came the mini jacket potatoes with cream fillings, (thousand island or mint yoghurt to you and I)

Shots were at this point an necessity, who needs shot glasses when you're young, beautiful and stupid?

The last attempt we made to soba these children up was with Parma Ham and Honey Dew Melon sticks.

It was a right out knees-up and was a fabulous way to kick of A/W. After a fishbowl (i.e. the rest of the booze thrown into the punch bowl and sucked up by desperate people through straws) we meandered the Ashton Canal to fall into clubs and what not.


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