Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Operation Dockers, mission sabotaged!

As some of you will be aware, I set out on a treasure hunt last Thursday, almost convinced that I was going to solve the clues and win the prize. I had it all going for me, I know Manchester, I am THE BEST AND MOST OBSESSIVE Tweeter in the M post code AND I had a team of people sat in offices around the city following the clues on Twitter directing me and giving me ideas! (It's not cheating, it's team work!)

Clue One of Five released on Twitter and Facebook:
'This wheel holds the key to your fortune!'
Answer: The Wheel of Manchester, Exchange Square
Clue Two: Find a Triangle far from Bermuda
Answer: The Triandle Shopping Centre, Exchange Square

Someone got there just five minutes before I did. I had spent my time searching for the prize in between the crevices of the Rocky Road water feature whilst being stared at by tourists sat in The Oyster Bar in Exchange Square. Epic fail.

Still, it wasn't an epic fail for Draper's Etailer of the Year 2010 winner my-wardrobe.com who were the brand behind the treasure hunt! To find out a little bit about where the idea behind the treasure hunt came from I asked the brand's Director of PR, Lauren Stevenson (as you do).

Stevenson told Fashion Rambler: "[originally] we launched a social media campaign to launch our Denim Bar activity, which centred on a scavenger hunt concept. We were keen to create a similar campaign, which would extend the reach outside of the London area. Our buyers worked with Dockers to create an exclusive chino, which was supplied with a limited-edition WW2 metal box. It led to ideas to create a search for the key to the box to win the Chinos and a limited-edition T-shirt, which then led to a scavenger hunt. Manchester is a key region for us as it is for Dockers as a brand, so it was the perfect location to activate this campaign."

If you are interested in finding out more about Operation Dockers you may find an interview conducted by me with Lauren here.

I'm off to sulk.


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