Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I heart PB, among other things.

I am sat in my car on a shopping park car park in the rain eating a roast chicken sandwich. I am at work and have brought my laptop with me to type my blog because I worry I shall have no time in which to do it and that wouldn’t be fair to you now would it?

SO, guess you I met on Saturday? Paul Slade. “Who?” I hear you ask, Paul Slade is the man behind the ghetto fabulous ladies accessories brand Paul’s Boutique!

Paul was at the Manchester Trafford Centre branch of BANK for a customisation day which allowed his best customers the chance to meet the designer and get a Hoodie customised by him personally. Brill!

Paul Slade and Womenswear buyer for BANK Fashion, Jemma Lane

After pushing past the queue of tweens sat on the floor outside the store I managed to get inside BANK where I met the lovely Suzy from BANK’s parent company JD Sports Fashion. Suzy was rushing around organising the event so I left her to it and perused the shop waiting for my slot with Mr Slade. The flagship store was in a total flurry of excitement as the guest of honour set up his workshop on the Mezzanine level. If you’re familiar with BANK you’ll know all about their attention to merchandising design and the ‘customer experience’ within their store. Antique armoires are cramped with studded hoodies, walls are piled high with edgy street fashion and the whole store has an exciting theme much akin to a theme park!

I eventually got the chance to pull Paul aside, before the stampede entered, to ask him a few questions. You can read a full interview with Paul at Manchester Fashion Network, however, I kept these two questions just for Fashion Rambler :D

Fashion Rambler: After establishing your brand within the ladies accessories sector, and recently moving into clothing, does Paul’s Boutique have any plans to begin a menswear line in any form?

Paul Slade: We’re bringing out a menswear label, that’ll be coming out in February. It’ll be called Heritage, by Paul’s Boutique and will be quite preppy.

FR: Do you have a favourite bag?

PS: The Mollie bag.

After shaking Paul’s hand I skirted the crowd and exited pondering over the preppy Heritage offerings for early 2011.


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