Monday, 9 August 2010

A Swashbuckling adventure to M14

We were ready for a swashbuckling shindig, our second escapade to the Isle of Fallowfield, ahargh me mateys, all aboard for James’ housewarming!

The theme was Pirate, my favourite. We kinda went all out, natch. Adam wore a full length red velvet faux Captain’s coat with lace motif, Tricorn hat, fishbone necklace, pantaloons and TOMs espadrilles (authentic, we thought so). He also donned a treasure chest not-at-all-femme shoulder bag filled with all that a Pirate Captain would need for a good old knees-up. Chocolate coins and LUSH lip balm.

I wore an authentic Royal Canadian Horse Artillery dress uniform jacket circa 1905 from a fabulous vintage shop in Totnes, Devon. You may ask, why a Royal Canadian Horse Artillery dress uniform jacket? Well, it makes a rather impressive statement as a Pirate Captain despite the inaccuracies in its origin. I teamed the vintage with the new, Superdry white crops, McQueen-esque bandana, eye patch, belt, plastic fencing sword and Pilgrim style booties.

The Rum flowed all rather too freely, and the music was at cannon shot volume as James had unpacked his decks and super-club standard speakers. Needless to say I avoided the rum and drank Absolute vodka with pomegranate and high jacked the decks to blast out Ke$ha to a displeased crowd. Isn’t this what Piracy is about?

Our Host, Admiral Fairclough in the Galley

I would rather like some of these Decks please. Perhaps I might pillage them?

Poor dead parrot.

Come 2 o’clock the scallywags were flagging and the glow sticks had faded, it was time to board our vessel homeward and wave good bye to the Isle of Fallowfield once more. Who knew she held such treasure?


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