Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's time for friendlyfashion!

Heard of it yet? The newbie on the interweb? Where Car Boot Sales meet eBay? Oh yes, I'm talking about! I gots to know about this little webtastic gem whilst surfing tweet. The concept behind the site is anti-consumption and waste-not-want-not. So, clothes you're tired with can be submitted onto and then either sold, swapped for something else or given away for free. ARGH! FREE CLOTHES!!!!!!! ARGHHHH!.

Anyway. I needed to know more so I asked the site's UK representative, Agne Jakimavciute.

This is Agne... isn't she pretty? has said it wishes to become both an advocate for responsible consummation as well as a social networking space. How does plan to achieve this?

People tend to change clothes very often and spend many hours on shopping. However, it is more like an attraction “to get something new today”, to socialize or simply check new arrivals in shops. New clothes push out the old ones even though many of them are still suitable to wear. So people could give some of them away, maybe sell few or swap them into something different and more interesting. We believe, that the clothes can get a second wind and their life circle can be prolonged. On second thoughts, it saves time, resources and, of course, your money! We all had the situation, when after shopping we realize that the size is wrong or a new jacket does not really look that good, so everything can be posted and re-sold on our site. We also want to encourage creative people to promote their handcrafted clothes and accessories which can be made of original materials.

There is one simple rule for the site users – they have to become members. However, membership creates the community where people can communicate to each other, write letters, comment and discuss, share their interests. Here we aim to create the community that shares their ideas & skills, all related to fashion and lifestyle. We do not dictate trends here, members create them themselves.

According to our colleagues, Lithuanian website proved that this idea rounds up people into a so called affinity group. Many of the members became good friends that meet up for coffee, organise small meetings and share their personal stories.

You’re the only member of the team in the UK at present, does the UK website have strong ties to its Lithuanian counterpart?

The circumstances determined that another Friendly Fashion team member works from Lithuania and I am the only member in the UK at present. The public interest in our idea of more meaningful consumption is growing; I believe, soon we will need few more enthusiasts to work on this project in the UK. Certainly, we are lucky to have our colleagues running the sites in other countries as their experience and advices are priceless. Such international cooperation really helps to spread our messages mouth-to-mouth, as members are happy to tell about us to their friends abroad and share their experiences. However, Lithuanian and German sites have their own face and obviously the English site is going to develop its own membership contingent and ideas.

See what I've got for sale here expect FCUK, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein!

(please buy because I'm saving for my NYC trip in November! :D)

More of this interview can be read at MFN

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