Friday, 6 August 2010

I'm a Shop It To Me Shopper!

Yes that's right, I'm a shop it to me shopper! What does this mean? Have I gone barmy? Perhaps! But only because it is such a cool tool!

Shop It To Me is not only a phrase that you wished ended with 'Baby' but also the title of a rather nifty little invention. If you're a busy bee like me you've not got time to search out the latest and greatest web-bargains from your favourite retailers and designers. So Shop It To Me (Baby) does it for you and then sends you lovely emails (when you want them) with all your bargains, in your sizes, stacked up ready to buy. I can't say anything more because it is THAT simple.

*sigh* Amazing.

Sign up here!



  1. Is this the ebst idea ever or the most DANGEROUS idea ever? I don't know if I can trust myself to do it!


  2. Hahaha it's the BESTEST! But yes, it is dangerous... perhaps we should just all be millionaires?