Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I let Damion Le Cappelain do the rambling...

Damion Le Cappelain was the subject of my first ever proper fashion blog post. I discovered his art (because if fashion was ever an art it is certainly expressed in his shoes) by my reading blogs. Without blogs I'd have not known about him until everyone else did. And I assure you, they soon will.

Damion Le Cappelain was kind enough to agree to a little interview with me for Manchester Fashion Network. But, I have saved these last couple of questions just for Fashion Rambler. He he

Jordan McDowell: Would you consider your work to be typically British in its creative endeavours or would you attribute your personal creative style to something else entirely?

Damion Le Cappelain: Part of my aesthetic is 'Dickensian work wear' which is obviously historically British, but apart from that no. My work sits in some dark unfathomable place. I don’t know where it came from. I think I've just listened to too much techno over the years. British fashion is very street/youth culture. I'm not that.

What a pants image eh'? See the big juicy slideshow here.

JMc: You were awarded the UPS Movement and Mobility award in 2009 for a collection of shoes. What can you tell us about the idea and inspiration behind your collection for the competition?

DLC: The project brief was Movement and Mobility. I designed collection of footwear, all of which can be worn by the delivery guys in any environment - functioning in dessert, ice, jungle, urban. I also added armour so they can beworn by the delivery guys in any environment - functioning in dessert, ice, jungle, urban. I also added armour so they can be worm in dangerous places. You never know a parcel might need to be delivered in Sierra Leone?

JMc: After graduating with a Diploma in footwear from the London College of Fashion and this year from The Royal College of Art with a Masters in Menswear Design, specialising once again in Footwear, what is next for Damion Le Cappelain?

DLC: To launch my own collection and probably expand into Leather jackets and some basic garments. The shoes are going to be very expensive as they are not easy to produce, so they will be available in very limited numbers from a few select boutiques. That’s the plan anyway.




  1. wow this is fantastic ! im so jealous . the way he puts designs together is saw raw

  2. Ohhh I know! My feet crave exploding toe caps!