Saturday, 7 August 2010

General Store Brand of Manchester winner Mononoko: a ramble about a party.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a rather lovely do at The General Store on Deansgate in Manchester the other night. The night was another of the store’s Brands of Manchester launches which, after a competition to find a winner, welcomes a new designer into the premium indie store for a three month stint. Last season’s winner was Pretty Disturbia women’s wear and for the next three months Mononoko Couture has taken the coveted position on the second floor of the Barton Arcade store.

Model One, Two, Christina from General Store, Mary, Model Three and Four all in Mononoko.

The lovely ladies from Urban Decay in Manchester Debenhams were on hand to do up models with their Deluxe Pallet of bold and bright shades and to assist guests on everything from false lash application to lip gloss dilemmas. Urban Decay in Manchester Debenhams offer master classes on a regular basis and can offer full make-overs from £20.00 redeemable against products. Contact Anna and the ladies on their Facebook page here or search Manchester Debenhams Urban Decay.

Louise and Anna from Urban Decay, Manchester Debenhams

Whilst circulating the room and networking rather shamelessly I managed to grab Mary, the designer behind Mononoko, for a quick word about her new collection, exclusive to General Store.

Mary O of Mononoko and myself, looking rather dazed.

Mary told me that she found out she had won the competition only three weeks before launching in General Store and at that point had no collection to sell, ‘I had what the girls are wearing ... and other bits and bobs basically’. Mary went on to talk about her capsule collection, saying of the pallet: ‘my autumn winter collection was black, white and red, so I’m moving on from that but throwing in splashes of colour.’ As Mary adds to the small capsule collection we can expect an infusion of the ethnic, ‘for my spring summer eleven collection I’ve been taking on a lot of Moroccan and North African influences’. When asked if this influence was the origin of the infamous Mononoko earrings Mary said ‘No... I don’t know where they came from, they’re just random!’

Good luck to Mary and Mononoko, I'll be in again soon to see the latest editions!

Photos provided by Anna J Westerman

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