Thursday, 5 August 2010

Farewell UK Film Council...

I know this news broke a while ago but I've only just begun to get over the shock and disbelief. The UK Government are going to axe the UK Film Council which is responsible for the funding, promotion and distribution of UK cinema film. WHY!?

Why did it have to be the UK Film Council? Why couldn't they have passed the law which would have stopped bonuses being paid to the bankers of banks bailed out by the tax payer? Why couldn't they have scrapped the stupid and totally pointless Deposit Guarantee Scheme which all landlords must pay collected Deposits too? Why kill something so great. Something to be proud of!

When we go to the cinema 173.5 million times in a year, 6% more times than last year and when the UK Film Industry contributes £3.1 billion to the national economy it is obvious that is requires a central managing body to help it achieve this and continue to do so. Without the UK Film Council Captain America would not be being filmed in the UK this August.. Without the UK Film Council who will represent the UK's Film Industry on an international level. How will we compete?

I remember sitting in my Media Studies classes in Secondary School and at A Level learning about the British FIlm Institute and the UK FIlm Council and being so proud of the government for valuing media, art, culture, business... I guess Mr Cameron hasn't watched This Is England.

You can find out some pretty amazing facts about the UK Film Industry here . Next time you're going to the cinema try to choose an Independent Cinema, find your local on the Independent Cinema Office's website here. Also, try to choose British film! You'll be surprised which film's the UK Film Council supported! Bourne Ultimatum is one such film!

Do your research on the BFI's ScreenOnline.


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