Thursday, 22 July 2010

Stamp your Loubys

You must have heard. Louboutin has gone the way of the Choo and branched out into Men's wear 'because' he tells GQ, 'I needed some shoes to wear'.

And so did we/people that can afford them. *sigh*

I have a little thing for High Tops, always have. They're my secret obsession. I wear them and find myself thinking of Saved By The Bell on Nickelodeon and flat tops and posing with your toes pushed together in the mirror. They make an outfit retro, regardless of how new they are and I love them.

And so does Christian. These are a pair of his 'fierce' High Tops exclusively for Harvey Nichols.


I feel they are ABSOLUTELY perfect for dancing to Ke$ha's album Animal, the electro-disco bitch-tits pop madness that my latest musical obsession.



  1. They are gorgeous! When I am rich, I will buy you a pair. Everybody needs high tops!

    P.S. Following you now on Twitter and Bloglovin'!

  2. Ahhh, If only Louboutin would sponsor MFN and we'd get paid in shoes...

    tweet tweet tweet