Thursday, 1 July 2010

Number One

Dear Bloggersphere,

Welcome to my first ever blog post. I didn't even know the word 'bloggersphere' existed up until recently, whilst working with Manchester Fashion Network, I was introduced to a whole new world. The world of the blog.

At first I began scanning the internet for blogs that suited by needs and after finding a selection began reading religiously. I am currently rather liking Tweet, Style Salvage and of course Style Rookie (although I read whilst oozing jealously and hatred for her).

I was apprehensive about beginning my own blogging adventure until a tweet from @STYLISA gave me the nudge I needed.

The tweeter in question is Lisa Maynard-Atem of style consultancy brand Stylisa and her tweet read: "The newest power players in the fashion industry aren’t designers or models, they’re bloggers."

I was in.

So, here we are in the bloggersphere and you're reading my ramblings. I hope you enjoy them. I hope I do it right.


New Blogger in town.