Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Mancunion boy in Brighton

A group of my friends, the boyfriend and I went to Brighton for a weekend getaway to relax, have fun and to celebrate, among other things, my birthday. We came back with hangovers, sand in places unmentionable whilst writing on the world wide web and many beautiful memories. I have yet to get my tacky single use cameras developed (my Canon is unwell) but when I do I am sure it shall reveal some photographic gems capturing our festivities and skinny-dips.

I shan't bore you will tales of our trip or our newly discovered in-jokes but I shall endeavor to spin a few blog posts worth of rambles loosely based on my boozy weekend and dedicated to fashion. Yes ladies and gentlefolk, that means I shall be telling you about my birthday presents! I shall try not to give too much away but they include some things Lush, some things paper, some things musical, some things Ray-Ban Sunglasses and a Fossil I found on the beach.

I was a very lucky little boy as I got some wonderfully personal, fashionable and fabulous gifts from many beautiful people. Thank you all.

Before I end this post I must just say this: if you haven't been to Brighton PLEASE DO. It is actually quite wonderful. To those in the south, it is like Torquay without the disappointment and to those in the north, like Blackpool but done well. The shopping as varied as many big cities but all housed in tiny streets and Harry Potteresque shops. The North Laine offers vintage, eccentric and bohemian gift shops, bars and restaurants where The South Laine hosts D&G and Vivienne Westwood et cetera. The Pier is a magical place and not nearly as chavy as you might expect and the whole city oozes of British Charm with a Sugarush and a spanking. Delightful. The below image should help you understand the fun we had, he is obviously feeling outstanding.

A last note: the tacky but much loved mini canvases in the title image were part of a birthday present from a friend and Brighton resident. They, and others like them, are available here . The