Friday, 16 July 2010

Birthday Gifts: Presents from Devon

For those of you beautiful people who follow me on Twitter (@jordanjmcdowell) or are a friend of mine on Facebook (Jordan McDowell, University of Manchester) you will no doubt already know of my trip to Devon. I flew down, thanks to the lovely people at FlyBe, for a quick trip to see my family and receive belated birthday gifts (the best kind all round).

My family live in a tiny fishing port in the south of Devon near Torquay (famous for hen parties and Fawlty Towers) the town is called Brixham and everyone knows everyone. It is most exhausting. However, dodging just about as many people as I could, myself and Adam managed to cram in some Grockle (tourist) shenanigans. We wondered to the Harbour, had an ice cream (I had English Toffee and Butterscotch and he had Honeycomb), took 'look at that view' pictures, visited a new art gallery space (more in next blog) and popped into my favourite whacky Indie in Brixham, Kaba Kaboo!

But regardless of being a mere visitor now, there is something about returning home and sleeping in your old bed in your old room. My room doesn't feel like mine anymore (this could have something to do with the fact that is has been rented out to a family friend...) but it was like bumping into an old acquaintance after a long time of no contact. My old books were on the shelf above my headboard, Jeanette Winterson, Carol Ann Duffy, Helen Fielding et al. My IKEA swinging chair was still hanging precariously from the ceiling joist and my sketch books from my A Level Photography course were still under the bed. But it wasn't mine, it was the room of a person I used to be.

Oh good lord I'm growing up.

Moving swiftly on from depressing self realisations and onto something altogether more interesting. Presents. Mother threw a bit of a do on the Thursday night for family and friends to see us before our deathly early 7:00am flight from Exeter the following morning, yeah, cheers FlyBe. We ate, we drank, we drank and we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding because my family are just like that family. Here is a clip:

I received some lovely gifts including Champagne, vouchers and these coasters from Jacque and Adrian my parent's friends:

The card read: "to remind you of home", and they shall do just that, as will the DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding which my Aunty Karen made me take with me when we moved.



  1. We are glad you liked the coasters! It was lovely to see you both, don't stay away to long ok x
    Jacque and Adrian x

  2. oh look, beach sheds!!!!