Saturday, 10 July 2010

Birthday Gifts: LUSH outfit post

After yesterday's rather epic post I shall keep this posting short and sweet, sweet smelling that is! The lovely Christopher also bought me a box of LUSH product to pamper myself with whilst I age and decay into my twenties. The gift box in question was Cosmetic Lad which includes Cosmetic Lad after shave moisturiser, Shave the Planet shaving cream, The Olive Branch shower gel, Squeeky Green shampoo bar and lemony Bohemian soap. It
all smells better than cake (but don't try to eat, it doesn't taste to great)

And now, here is a random man called Simon talking about his obsession with putting shaving cream in his hair:

You can find more of these interesting factual videos on the Lush YouTube channel here.

Before I leave, here is a holiday snap that actually has ME in it.

vest TOPMAN Sale £4
shorts TOPMAN Ltd. Edition £30
belt River Island £15
deck shoes Kurt Geiger Selfridges Sale £35
Holidays in Brighton with your friends: Priceless


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