Friday, 30 July 2010


Vest £4.00
Jeans £10.00
Puma High Tops £29.00

Vest £7.00
Jeans £10.00
Fridge Magnet Socks £2.00

Tee £5.00
Waistcoat £14.00
Jeans £10.00
Suede Toe Cap Shoes £14.00

This is the story about inconsistent customer service practice met with my own silliness. I recently made a hefty purchase on after realising that I hadn't made a purchase on the site in over two years whilst writing my Geek Blog post. I now know why.

The website has some excellent methods of navigation, most notably the ways that the site catagorises its clothing and allows you to search for your size or brand only. I think this latter feature is the reason I was willing to spend as much as I did because you're not disappointed when shopping Sale because the items you're shown are already confirmed to be in your size. There are some downfalls of the navigation however, including the drop-down menu of clothing catagorises and its tendency to disappear before you've had a chance to click! I tried this feature on both Safari and Explorer and was met with the same annoying result.

When I went to pay I couldn't remember my password and asked for it to be sent to me, which took two attempts, when it arrived I typed it into the password box and was then told that I had attempted to log in too many times and my account was frozen for 1/2 an hour. Brilliant. I waited and then attempted again after 1/2 an hour and was told to wait another 1/2 an hour. I gave up and set up a new account. It was probably my fault for trying to many times but the 1/2 block wouldn't budge!

I then went to purchase and input the two discount codes I was lead to believe I was entitled to. One was NEXTDAY for free next day delivery after spending over £100.00 and the other was ASOSTreats for a 10% discount. I wasn't granted NEXTDAY and instead of receiving my goods for free on the Saturday I had to pay and receive them on the Monday. Great.

I then emailed ASOS to tell them my woes and they, still to this date, have not replied. I was bitching about my experience to Sandy Lindsay(@SandyLindsay) on Twitter when @ASOS_Heretohelp popped up and asked what the matter was. They fortunately were very sweet and had a look at my account. I was told that I couldn't claim two discount codes and were very sorry.

Part of me feels it was too little too late but the other part remembers opening the box on Monday and it feeling like Christmas.

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